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2018 BOD Minutes

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2017-09-25 BOD Minutes

17_0925_BOD Minutes

2017-08-28 BOD Minutes

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2017-07-31 BOD Minutes

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2017-06-15 BOD Minutes

17_0615_BOD Minutes

2017-05-22 BOD Minutes

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2017-04-24 BOD Minutes

17_0424_BOD Minutes

2017-06-17 General Membership Meeting

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association, Inc. Quarterly Membership Meeting, Orlando, Fl. Saturday, June 17, 2017   The Quarterly Membership Meeting of FSFAPA was called to order at 7:30 am by Harriett Wynn, President. A motion was made by Orlando

2017-02-11 General Membership Mtg

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association General Membership Meeting Crestview, Fl.  February 11, 2017 Type of Meeting: FSFAPA Membership Meeting Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn, President Introduction of Board Members – Harriett introduced all board members to the general membership.   Each

2017-02-11 BOD Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting – Crestview Saturday February 11, 2017   President Harriett Wynn opened the meeting at 4:22 pm Curtis Byrd took roll call, please see attached A motion was made by Amanda Williams to approve the minutes with