2019 FloridaFAPA Awards Nominations Being Accepted

The 2019 FloridaFAPA Awards Nominations must be received by May 8, 2019. Below are the awards and their criteria:

  • Caring Hearts Award – to honor a licensed foster familyfor quality service to children, exemplary partnership with the system of care and dedication to children and their families, who are involved in the foster care system.
  • Forever Hearts/Dee Wilson Award– to honor an adoptive familythat represents the very best in Florida by providing permanency and a loving family to children in care, with specific attention to special needs, siblings, maintaining connections, and supporting and mentoring other adoptive families.
  • Kinship Caregiver Award – to honor a kinship caregiverfor quality care given to children of family who have found themselves in need of a stable loving environment.  Note: this may include non-blood related “kin”.
  • Partner in Caring Award – to honor a worker or partner(case manager, licensing/placement, Independent Living, GAL) who embodies partnership and collaboration with foster parents and the families served.
  • Rising Star Award– to honor a youthfor progress and positive gains, goal setting and accomplishments either academically, socially, mentoring other youth, and personal achievements
  • Leadership through Example Award – to honor a CBCfor demonstrating their commitment to children, families and foster parents through positive actions intended to strengthen partnerships and create a culture of caring through the system of care.

Please provide information about EACH of the following 6 items:

  1. Award Category
  2. Name and Address of nominee(s)
  3. Agency and Address of CBC and/or Licensing Agency
  4. Name of person submitting this nomination and best way to contact (phone/email)
  5. A description (qualities, actions, characteristics, behaviors) of how your nominee meets the criteria for the selected award
  6. Will your agency cover travel expenses for your nominee to receive this award at the FloridaFAPA Conference in Daytona Beach 6/21-23?

(For a word document with this information click here)

Submit to Gay Frizzell, Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) Advisor at: gfrizzell@qpiylc.org