Board of Directors Meeting – Crestview

Saturday February 11, 2017


President Harriett Wynn opened the meeting at 4:22 pm

Curtis Byrd took roll call, please see attached

A motion was made by Amanda Williams to approve the minutes with any corrections from January 30, 2017.  Motion was seconded by Lynda Thompson.  The motion carried

Denise Sasiain – Gave brief description of how she would like to see the chart of accounts and the general layout of the financial reports.

Chris Johnson – announced that Melissa Schol moved to Ocala a few months ago, she is our Suncoast RVP & Social Media person.  She has submitted her resignation so we are now looking for someone for the Suncoast RVP position.

Fawn Moore – discussed the partnership between DCF Regions and the FSFAPA RVP’s.  She encouraged all RVP’s to attend the DCF monthly licensing meetings that are held with the CBC’s.  She also suggested they attend the System of Care Meetings in their respective Regions.  She believes this will facilitate the DCF people knowing who the RVP’s and how they can partner to fulfill the FSFAPA/DCF contract of supporting recruitment and retention.

He is added that the Executive Board would step up to help the RVP in making connections between the RVP’s and DCF Regional Managing Directors.

Coleen La Costa – FAST has been getting a lot of calls, some are more conversation and discussing licensing concerns.  There are still a lot of relative calls.  Allegation related calls seem to be more complicated that are coming in to the FAST line.  Coleen is looking for additional input from the Investigations workgroup that is meeting regularly.

Foster Parent Week – the letter FSFAPA sent to the families in the State; was authored by Chris with input from the Executive Board.  This letter should have been received by families around the State this week.

FSFAPA Conference theme:  “Our Journey, Your Dreams”

Harriett announced that she has already begun setting up conference calls with the different committees on a regular basis.

Laurallyn is working on the CBC Membership letters, per Trudy.

David Brown – addressed the membership and discussed what was going on with QPI and invited all in attendance to attend the QPI quarterly meeting in Miami.

Per Thomas Croom’s requested Harriett created an ADHOC committee to review our voting procedures and to see if there is a better process. Committee members include: Chair- Thomas Croom, Orlando Avila, Kara Elliott–Jordan, and Lynda Thompson.

Harry Dubia – reminded all Board members that dues were due on January 1, 2017. Please see him if you have not paid your dues.

Open Discussion:

It was discussed that we rotate between monthly board call and RVP calls. It was decided that starting in March the call will consist of RVP business and the April call will consist of Board business.

It was also put out to the Board that we are looking for somewhere to hold the October 2017 Mini Conference.  Amanda stated that her CBC might be interested in hosting it.

June conference letters for the CBC allocation of registrations will go out the second or third week in February.

A motion was made to adjourn made by Orlando Avila and seconded by Coleen LaCosta. The motion carried


Respectfully submitted

Curtis Byrd



Curtis Byrd, FSFAPA Secretary




Attendance Record
Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association Inc. [42]
NAME Jan-17 Feb-17 Mar-17 Apr-17 May-17 Jun-17 Jul-17 Aug-17 Sep-17 Oct-17 Nov-17 Dec-17 # %
1 Trudy Petkovich x x 2 16.7%
2 Harriett Wynn x x 2 16.7%
3 Denise Sasiain x x 2 16.7%
4 Lillie Blackshear x x 2 16.7%
5 Lynda Thompson x x 2 16.7%
6 Curtis Byrd x x 2 16.7%
7 Coleen LaCosta x x 2 16.7%
8 Dorothy Alvarez x x 2 16.7%
9 Chris Johnson x x 2 16.7%
10 Orlando Avlva x x 2 16.7%
11 Ann Whiteside x 1 8.3%
12 Travis Davis x x 2 16.7%
13 Melanie Stimell x 1 8.3%
14 Thomas Croom x x 2 16.7%
17 Harry Dubia x 1 8.3%
21 Kara Elliott x x 2 16.7%
22 Amanda Williams x x 2 16.7%
23 Laurallyn Segur (Advisor) 1 8.3%
24 Gay Frizzell (Advisor) x 1 8.3%
25 Xiomara Turner (Advisor) x 2 16.7%
0 0.0%