Foster Allegation Support Team

No matter what and when, The Foster Allegation Support Team is here for you! Call 800.327.8119 or email

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Our goal is to provide support to the foster, adoptive or kinship parents when allegations have been, or might be brought against them. It is important to keep them informed of the procedures and the process through which an allegation will take them.

F.A.S.T. provides support without judgment and in an environment which is as nondestructive as possible for the foster parents and their families.

  • Call the F.A.S.T. hotline for immediate support.
  • Keep good records.
  • Insist on giving full input into the investigations.
  • Begin a dated, written journal of events and communications.
  • Request assistance from department, your licensing support staff or the case manage in explaining to the children what is happening and why.
  • Maintain your sense of professionalism and partnership as foster parents.

Help Prevent an Allegation! Understand Policies and Procedures

Acceptable and unacceptable discipline.
  • Provide consistent and realistic discipline and guidance that is age appropriate and does not involve corporal punishment.
  • Teach the child effective social interaction skills.
  • Teach the child how to respond in difficult situations.
  • Teach problem-solving skills.
  • Use effective praise techniques to encourage positive behavior.
  • Teach negotiation skills to the child.
  • Demonstrate these skills at all times of conflict between you and the child.
  • Teach the child effective time management and how to be responsible for their own lives.
  • Teach effective anger management skills.
  • Reinforce those taught by the agency.
  • Demonstrate these skills at all times of conflict.
  • Document behaviors effectively.
  • Procedure for investigations of abuse/neglect or unacceptable child care.
  • Rights of children in care.
  • What and when and how foster/shelter parents should advise the agency about a child’s allegation of abuse.


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