2017-02-11 General Membership Mtg

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

General Membership Meeting

Crestview, Fl.  February 11, 2017

Type of Meeting: FSFAPA Membership Meeting

Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn, President

Introduction of Board Members – Harriett introduced all board members to the general membership.   Each board member gave a little information of who they are and what region they cover.

Approval of Minutes from:  10/15/2016 – A motion was made to approve the general membership minutes with changes if needed. Ennis Coleman made the motion; it was seconded by Joy Cromer. With no further discussion a vote was taken.  Motion Carried

Harriett announced that we are seeking a location to hold the Oct/Nov Mini Conference. Amanda will check with her CBC about holding the fall mini conference in Gainesville.

Legislative update and review – Thomas discussed the current bills that we are supporting and asked everyone to please become more aware of the bills and who is supporting them.  Get to know your local legislators.

Update on upcoming events

Update 2017 Conference – Trudy discussed the upcoming 2017 conference in Orlando.  The registration will be going to the CBC in 10 days.

The 2018 NFPA/FSFAPA conference will be held at the Caribe Royale in Orlando.

Adjourned, with no other business to be brought before this meeting a motion was made to adjourn.  It was seconded and a vote was called for.  Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted

Curtis Byrd

Curtis Byrd, Secretary

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