Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.
Meeting date: 11/25/2013

Call to order: The Board of Directors of FSFAPA monthly conference call was held by phone on November 25, 2013. The meeting convened at _8:30_pm EST, President Trudy Petkovich presiding, and Curtis Byrd, Secretary.
Members in attendance: Trudy Petkovich, Curtis Byrd, Harriett Wynn, Lillie Blackshear, Kim Hernandez, Jonah Dorman, Dorothy Alvarez, Maria Bond, Coleen LaCosta, Trudie Poole, Karen Condry, Chris Johnson, Kara Jordon, Wendy Vernon, Charles Parker, Harry Dubia, and Trish Allen.

Trudy Petkovich opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

Members absent: Lynda Thompson (excused), Calvin Burton (excused), LaShaun Wallace (excused), Victoria Herin (unexcused), Keith Best (unexcused)
Advisor in Attendance: David Brown, Gay Frizzell

Approval on Minutes: Harriett made a motion to accept October minutes with modification. It was seconded. Motion Carried

LaShaun Wallace reported that Harry Dubia had been added to all email lists and to the Google account. The next order for Duffels for kids will be in January 2014.

Trudy Petkovich then discusses the upcoming FCC meeting in Tallahassee and asks who will be attending. She then discussed Children’s week in April the Chain of Love will be displayed and visits with Congress will be on Wednesday.

Trudy Petkovich talked about the upcoming Mini Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, at this time a date has not been nailed down.

Trudy then brought up that the Hilton in Orlando has expressed an interest in hosting our 2015 Educational Conference again. A motion was made that we proceed with talks with them for these conference. It was seconded. Motion Carried

NFPA midyear meeting was attended by LaShaun Wallace and Harriett Wynn.
Harriett reported that the major concern was Child Care. She went on to explain that all of this had been resolved.
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm Est.

Curtis Byrd
Date of approval
Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.