Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.
Meeting date: 01/27/2014

Call to order: The Board of Directors of FSFAPA monthly conference call was held by phone on January 27, 2014. The meeting convened at _8:33_pm EST, Executive Vice President Harriett Wynn presiding, and Curtis Byrd, Secretary.
Members in attendance: Trudy Petkovich, Curtis Byrd, Harriett Wynn, Lillie Blackshear, Kim Hernandez, Keith Best, Dorothy Alvarez, Maria Bond, Coleen LaCosta, Chris Johnson, Orlando Avila, Wendy Vernon, Charles Parker, Harry Dubia, Lynda Thompson, and Victoria Herrin.

Harriett Wynn opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and informing them that Trudy Petkovich will be getting on the call later.

Members absent: Trish Allen (unexcused), Trudie Poole (unexcused)
Advisor in Attendance: David Brown, Gay Frizzell
Visitor: LaShaun Wallace

Approval on Minutes: Harriett made a motion to accept November 25, 2013 minutes with modification and or corrections. It was seconded. Motion Carried

June Conference update Lynda Thompson reported that she was working with Daycare and conference menus. Scheduling is coming along; Speakers have been selected with great thanks to Coleen LaCosta who has been handling issues with speakers as they arise. Coleen proposed a question of why NFPA had lost a vast majority of the speakers’ form that had been submitted.

Trudy Petkovich reminded everyone that all Florida attendees must register for Hotel, classes, and if they are attending the luncheon through her. She also stated that there will be scholarships and she will notifying the CBC’s of the number available soon. Registration will be due earlier than in the past years to accommodate having to communicate with NFPA. It was decided that the FSFAPA June Quarterly Meeting will be between 8 – 9 pm on Saturday.

LaShaun Wallace explained that the person that these form where going to had been promoted and the task of speakers’ selection had been given to someone else. She went on to explain that communication is vital when dealing with problems between NFPA and FSFAPA.

LaShaun Wallace then inquired about the status of registration form for the conference; Lynda Thompson stated that Trudy Petkovich was working on them. LaShaun stated that they would be going live online soon.

Curtis Byrd reminded everyone that Trudy Petkovich had requested that all board members present at FCC to submit at statement that could be sent out to members to spread what was offered as far as training. Coleen LaCosta had been the only to submit something.

Lynda Thompson updated everyone on the Bylaws rewrites; she plans to have them out to Curtis
Byrd by this weekend so that they can be sent out to the Board for review. Voting on these rewrites will be on the February 17, 2014 phone conference. This is very important so please plan according so that everyone can be on this call. Once the Board approves them copies will made and handed out at the March Mini Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. These new rewrites will be voted on in April in Tallahassee and ratified.

650 Pajamas where collected during Christmas, LaShaun will be delivering them to Trudy Petkovich before the March meeting. She will also transport vanity plates and other misc. items.

Keith Best discussed the upcoming Mini Conference in Ft. Lauderdale. Keith has a flyer ready to be sent out once it is approved. Trudy Petkovich will be making room reservations on 1/28/2014.

Trudy Petkovich discussed the possibility of setting aside 6 scholarships (3 Kinship and 3 Adoption) after discussion a motion was made by Harriett Wynn to set aside these 6 scholarships. It was seconded. Motion Carried

Lillie Blackshear posed a question to LaShaun Wallace on what to do with Duffels that are picked up by the parents. LaShaun stated that she would have to rethink this issue and come up with a new plan. She also is to place a new order for Duffels and has ask Marie Bond to provide her with the current price breakdown.

Charles Parker apologized to everyone for his late start of taking over the website he is finally is getting a hand on it. He also stated that QPI wants to spotlight FSFAPA, he will send out further information on this once he has it.

David Brown informed everyone that Children’s Week is coming together well. Victoria Herrin reported that the band in practicing and will soon have all the slots in the band filled. She also ask if anyone on the Board has a child interested in being in the band to please let her know. She also has been contacted by the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 9:22 pm Est.

Curtis Byrd
Date of approval
Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.