Quarterly Meeting Minutes
Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.
Meeting date: 6/5/2014

Call to order: The Board of Directors of FSFAPA monthly conference call was held on June 5, 2014. The meeting convened at _4:00_ pm EST, President Trudy Petkovich presiding, and Curtis Byrd, Secretary.

Members in attendance: Trudy Petkovich, Curtis Byrd, Harriett Wynn, Lillie Blackshear, Trish Allen, Dorothy Alvarez, Maria Bond, Coleen LaCosta, Chris Johnson, Orlando Avila, Keith Best, Kim Hernandez, Charles Parker, Harry Dubia, Lynda Thompson, Kara Jordon, and Victoria Herrin.

Members absent: Wendy Vernon (excused), Trudie Poole (excused)
Advisors in Attendance: David Brown, Gay Frizzell, Carrie Toy

Special Guest: Lauralynn Segur , Cindy Strickland

Approval of Minutes: Harriett Wynn made a motion to approve the minutes of May 26, 2014 with corrections, seconded Motion Carried

Trudy Petkovich opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing our special guest, Carrie Toy who will be the “new Gay”.

Trudy Petkovich turned the floor over to Charles Parker for an update on website. Charles demonstrated the new changes that he is making; the addition of search capability is a wonderful idea. Charles is incorporating our Facebook which has currently over 1100 followers into the website doing this is a really effective way to communicate information. Charles also correlated all 22 judicial circuits, 18 CBC’s, 67 counties, 32 Board positions, and 41 local FAPA’s. Charles is hoping to issue everyone a password so each board member will be able to manage their part of the site. To check out the website please go to Charles is hoping to have the new live by July 1, 2014. Everyone expressed their appreciation to Charles for all the work he has done.

Maria completed the purchase of A/V equipment that was voted on purchasing for the conference. Maria stated that she and Christopher Johnson will begin researching the remaining AV needs of FSFAPA and begin purchasing these items. A Policy and Procedure will need to be in place for signing out and returning these inventory items. Lynda Thompson will prepare this document. Maria then moved on the new position “Administrative Support” for the FSFAPA Board she see this as a baby step that will open the door to other avenues. We need to build a strong foundation on which we can build and expand this board goal. This new position will fall under the President. Maria will prepare a proposal mirroring the contract that already is in place with our FAST position. Advertising for position will be on forms of communication (constant contact, Facebook etc.).

The selection committee will consist of the Executive Committee of FSFAPA. The Executive Committee members will not be illegible to apply for the position. This position is open for any of the existing Board of Directors to apply for. Orlando Avila made a motion that we accept the position title “Administrative Support”, the positon description to be complete Maria Bond and to include the salary package information, $10.00 per hour for 20 hours a week. We will recruit via these site and constant contact. It was seconded. Motion Carried

Trudy, then brought up the issues that we are having with the Duffels Program shipping and distribution. LaShaun Wallace has voiced that she is willing to give up the chair position of this program. It was discussed should we scrap the whole program and start over or refine the current program. Coleen LaCosta voiced that the program could be saved with some fine tuning. Trudy
then asks the RVP how many duffels they still had in their possession. The answer was staggering amount (150). Trudy stated that this was our program and we needed to take ownership of it. She then asks if there was anyone will to step up and take over this program, Keith Best volunteered to assume this responsibility, and Keith will prepare a proposal of his redesign and submit it to the board. It was decided that the duffels will be given out at all conferences. It will begin with the Summit conference in September. We will ask for a list of foster parents coming to Summit from DCF.

Kim Hernandez asked what was she to do with the luggage/ Duffels/bags that LaShaun Wallace had shipped to her. Trudy advised her give it away to foster families.

David Brown spoke on the upcoming legislative session, he wants us to come up with at plan of what we want to present to the legislators. David asks for each board member to come up with at least 3-4 topics for legislation. Trudy asks that everyone email David at least one topic this

Gay Frizzell is retiring as our DCF advisor she spoke at the meeting offering any support to us after her retirement, stating that there is nothing she would not do to support FSFAPA. Gay then introduced her replacement Carrie Toy. Carrie told everyone a little about herself and that she was hoping to fill Gay’s shoes. Carrie’s email address is

Victoria Herrin reported that the band will be performing four songs during the conference and there will be professional recording and the several media outlets including Good Morning America. John Travolta has made several donations even though he could not be in Tallahassee he is still interested in being a spokesperson for the Band. There are large sumes of money coming in for corporate sponsors. Donations need to be handled through a separate band account. It was suggested that with all of Victoria’s involvement that she be a co-signer on the
account since she will be handling the equipment purchases and the payments.

Curtis Byrd made a motion to rename the SunTrust Conference Account to “NEX GEN Band Account” and adding Victoria Herrin as a co-signer on this new account. It was seconded. Motion Carried

Curtis Byrd and Orlando Avila reported that as of right now we have the following nominations:
President – Harriett Wynn, Treasurer – Maria Bond, Northwest RVP – Kara Jordon, North
Central – no one. It was stated that if the North Central position is not filled the Board will abolish this position and reallocate this area.

NACAC July 23-26, 2014

Orlando Avila made motion to adjourn it was seconded meeting ended 5:52 pm EST
Curtis Byrd

Date of approval
Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.