2014-07-28 BOD Minutes

Board of Directors Monthly Conference Call


Monday, July 28, 2014 at 8:30 p.m.

Teleconference was called to order at 8:32 p.m.

Members in attendance: Trudy Petkovich, Harriett Wynn, Maria Bond, Orlando Avila, Charles Parker, Chris Johnson, Lillie Blackshear, Kara Jordan, Dorothy Alvarez, Keith Best, Kimberly Hernandez, Trish Allen, Lynda Thompson, Trudie Poole, Coleen LaCosta, Victoria Herrin, Harry Dubia (Wendy Vernon was excused.)

Advisors in attendance: David Brown, Carrie Toy and Gay Frizzell.

Approval of minutes: TABLED. (Several documents have yet to transition to Charles Parker who took over the recently vacated secretary position, efforts are being made to recover them for future approval.)

Trudy gave a report on the North American Council on Adoptable Children Conference:

  • The conference theme was “Permanency” and dealt with many issues especially sibling connections. Trainings from this conference are available on DVD for approx. $7 for each session (contact Trudy for more info.)
  • Nathan Ross (Jockey Grant Funded position within NACAC) held leadership training, Trudy asked Trish to look into getting him to come to 2015 conference.
  • Joe Kroll (NACAC Executive Director) is retiring in 2015, Trudy mentioned that FSFAPA should do something for him as he has supported FSFAPA for many years. She will find out what the organization’s plans are to commemorate his retirement at their 2015 conference in Long Beach and will see how FSFAPA can participate.

Keith reported on the Duffels:

  • Will continue to use same provider for immediate future.
  • Asked the RVPs to send him inventory numbers, still waiting on info from Chris and Lillie
  • Estimated need 510 bags: 260 orders; 100 for Summit distribution; 150 for Our Kids IM (they were $10k donor)
  • Keith and LaShaun will be co-chairs
  • Keith working to resolve outstanding order issues (missed delivery, return)
  • Plan is to distribute at events (conferences, summit, etc) and use opportunity to “restock” RVPs
  • Keith asked for data on FPs attending DCF Summit to attempt to prepare for distribution

Victoria gave NexGen Band update:

  • Scheduled to play at DCF Summit and Faith Symposium
  • First fundraiser is being planned, would like FSFAPA to team with KCI for “Cowboy Up” event
  • “Trailer” for band promo is done (pending Trudy and Chris okay). Hour Long (44 min of content) is expected in mid-August, producers want candid time with kids.
  • Invited to have kids tape on Ellen show, target tapings are August or October with airing expected Nov-Dec.
  • Dave Brown inquired about shows around state (i.e. other CBCs) and Victoria indicated that is a possibility in future
  • Current challenges are getting kids acquainted with playing with “monitors” and large donors fuzzy on what is local vs. corporate funded
  • Asked about getting website set up for “larger” donations (PayPal limits to $10k per transaction.)
  • No direct donations have been received at this time, however sponsors have absorbed some costs and Victoria fronting others




  • Trudy looking into extra exhibitor table for duffels
  • Harriet responsible for FSFAPA exhibitor table
  • Trudy asked the following to produce fliers David (Mini Conf); Keith (Duffels) and will review FSFAPA documents prior to Summit
  • FSFAPA informational meeting will be held during lunch one day – TBD (short meeting)
  • All motel reservations are made
  • Reminder that fees go up Aug. 1, members not signed up by then are responsible for difference.


  • Determined that after summit completion best for majority (done by Noon Saturday)
  • Will start with meeting about 2 hours after Summit completion, then an activity in pool area that evening that includes families, dinner
  • Reconvene Saturday 9-12 for a board business and visioning meeting
  • Goals: to get to know one another better (social and personal) and determine board direction for the future
  • Hotel reservations reflect this additional day


  • 4 at Hodges University in Fort Myers, in Lecture Hall
  • Christ the Redeemer Church (approx. ½ mile from site) will handle childcare at their location
  • Debra Bass CLS managing attorney has agreed to speak and will give update on legal changes
  • They have reached out to SW Fla. Judges to participate, present
  • Lodging info will be sent to Trudy shortly


  • Job description near completion, exec committee has had several meetings on the position role
  • A prime candidate has been identified; search Committee (exec committee) would like to revert position back to original “Executive Director” proposal
  • Exec board member expressed interest in position and recused self from search committee
  • If the position were to be offered to Trudy Petkovich budgeting for board and travel of “Past president” could be used for her in ED role
  • Charles made a motion:

“… that we allow the search committee to revert to the original proposed title of “Executive Director” for the proposed FSFAPA professional support position and adjust compensation package up to the original figure of $15,000 per year based on the preliminary findings of the search committee.” (Seconded by Lillie, passed with no opposition)

  • An additional motion was made by Charles:

“That the search committee be allowed to replace any recused positions with a choice from the ranks of sitting RVPs as the professional position details are finalized.” Seconded by Keith, passed with no opposition.


Maria also noted that Coleen in the FAST position has proven to be extremely thrifty, utilizing carpools and shared lodging when possible. She suggested that the board consider awarding the unspent dollars designated for the FAST position to Coleen in recognition of the hours and effort she provides beyond the contract requirements. Harriet agreed and asked that it be placed on the next Executive Committtee meeting agenda.


UMBRELLA 501(c)3 – Maria

  • Background: several years ago it was the understanding of a previous board that the association could extend their 501(c)3 to other FAPAs around the state (like the Boy Scouts of America does with local councils) but it was discovered that there was a control issue. (Because the local FAPAs are not under the control of FSFAPA)
  • Now FSFAPA offers to assist local FAPAs in obtaining their own tax-exempt status (a huge process)
  • Bad info is still out there, and some local FAPAs have asked for FSFAPA to accept donations and process them to the local organization for tax protection. We simply cannot do that without endangering our tax-exempt status.



Announced that there has been a volunteer for the conference chair – Lynda Thompson

Event will return to Orlando Hilton



DCF – Carrie

  • Carrie participated in a legal overview webinar that is available via QPI Just in time training site
  • Relayed that DCF is choosing to remain silent on “unaccompanied minors” issue, if we have issues refer them to DCF

QPI – Gay

  • Carole met with Secretary Carroll on 7/11 and laid out a QPI agenda. Sec. Carroll will meet with QPI representatives prior to Summit (TBD)
  • There will be several QPI related seminars at the summit; QPI workshop on 3rd at 4:15, David presenting on 4th at 1 p.m.

CBC – David

  • Met with several members of the SWFla legislative delegation, planning on repeating in other parts of state, promoting priorities and issues


Next board teleconference is at 8:30 on August 25.Meeting adhourned at 9:50 p.m. (Motion by Kimberly, second by Lynda, no opposition)


Submitted for review: 7/29/2014 – by Charles Parker, Board Secretary

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