2014-08-25 BOD Minutes

Board of Directors Monthly Conference Call


Monday, Aug 25, 2014 at 8:30 p.m.

Teleconference was called to order at 8:33 p.m.

Members in attendance: Trudy Petkovich, Harriett Wynn, Maria Bond, Orlando Avila, Charles Parker, Chris Johnson, Lillie Blackshear, Kara Jordan, Dorothy Alvarez, Keith Best, Kimberly Hernandez, Lynda Thompson, Trudie Poole, Coleen LaCosta, Victoria Herrin, Harry Dubia, Wendy Vernon

Members not present: Trish Allen

Advisors in attendance: David Brown, Carrie Toy and Gay Frizzell

Approval of minutes: Minutes from the 7/28 meeting were approved with no changes (Motion: Trudie; Second: Lillie; Passed with no dissent)

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Trudy gave a report on the “Our Kids” Legislative Committee.

  • They are looking onto the possibility of getting records of unfounded abuse reports expunged
  • Hope to collaborate with FCC, Fostering Florida’s Future, QPI, DCF on this
  • Working to see if this is possible

Trudy announced that the executive committee had voted to raise the compensation of the FAST Coordinator position to $12,000 annually.

Trudy recognized all of the board members that have attempted to answer the emails/questions of “Ms. Hayes” and thanked them for their effort. She pointed out that we have given her all the information we have, now it is prudent to refer her to DCF or local resources.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Maria gave the Treasurer’s report (including summarizing the Conference final budget report.) NexGen came in under budget and FSFAPA has settled all accounts with NFPA ($33,786.56) for registrations and other expenses. In total FSFAPA was $2,388.69 under the projected budget.

Maria announced that the organization’s Tax Form 990 was completed, transmitted and has been accepted/approved by the IRS.

RVP REPORTS: Kim Reported on Suncoast, Pasco has been seeking her assistance with local board issues; Pinellas still has some duffels to distribute (waiting on Jonah’s list); Hillsborough continuing to grow doing well; Manatee has a series of smaller and support groups that are not truly independent, so developing growth is not a priority for them, Kim is focusing on improving partnerships there.

Kara reported on North Florida:

  • All Medicaid changes went live Aug. 1, Circuit 1 was caught largely by surprise, Sunshine Health did not have infrastructure in place. Adoptive parents did receive letter, fosters did not. Many kids with no service providers have been switched to Humana or Integral.
  • Escambia FAPA and FP liaison got lines crossed, FAPA thought agency was offended by them going to Sunshine; concern that Families First Network liaison was was coming in to “take over” … situation was resolved, but charged environment.
  • Training from Sunshine set in September in Okaloosa/Walton counties.
  • Working on getting meeting with new CEO of Families First Network.


WEBSITE/PR UPDATE: more than 500 unique visitors in first month of new site, looking to get better measurement tools. Updates ongoing. Next section to be enhanced is “events” section – but current events section is updated and data is there – just hoping to make it more dynamic.

Collecting data for the next newsletter, should progress after the summit, but in time to promote the next mini conference.

CBC/FCC ADVISOR UPDATE: Dave shared that discussions on Children’s Week for next year, they are trying to determine what FCC and FSFAPA want to do.

Has met with several N Florida legislators. They are currently focused on campaigning; he plans to meet many more after the summit to discuss next year’s session.

MINI CONFERENCE: Diane Damark from Sunshine will present, they are collecting questions plan to do a Q & A with her. They have commitments from Judges and local CLS to discuss recent legislative changes.

QPI: Gay reported Carol has been meeting with Sec. Caroll, Pete Digre, Janice Thomas (DCF Asst Sec for Child Welfare), Grainne O’Sullivan (CLS) and General Counsel Rebecca Kapusta; there will be a pre-summit meeting Tues Sept 2, 3:30-5:30 to discuss relative placement and placement options that are discovered late in the process (and the damage that can cause). Looking for solutions, trying to ensure that the kids needs are met first. Second issue is Licensing Revocation. In 2013 legislation added ability to revoke licenses based on no meeting quality standards, but many CBCs are not willing to do this.

DCF: Carrie reported they are “consumed with Summit.” Spent Friday confirming childcare, great opportunity to talk directly to FPs. Several coming early and have been invited to QPI meeting.

  • DCF has published notification for FAC 65c28 rulemaking workshop (Relative Caregivers Rule) … meeting will be Sept. 11, 9-11 am will be available by webinar. She doesn’t believe there is a draft of the new rule available yet.
  • Rilya Wilson Act updates have been causing many questions; big change is the age of the child (was 3, now “school age”). Does not require children in care to be enrolled in licensed program, but those that are must attend 5 days a week. They will be distributing a FAQ this week.
  • Special needs resource guide is posted on website, Carrie will share for FSFAPA to post links.



  • Exhibitor table – Harriet reports the table is largely staffed, everyone will have to take a couple shifts. Trudy mentioned that we’ll have 2 tables … the second is for duffels …
  • Keith reported that 200 more duffels have been ordered and should arrive prior to the Summit. Parents can pick up existing orders or sign up for duffels there. Will also continue to use RVPS who will get any leftover from summit. Keith is considering disabling online registration form to encourage this as more of a FSFAPA event-driven perk.
  • Pajamas – Keith is looking into having the recent pajama donation at the summit.
  • RETREAT: Chris reported that the retreat is planned, we’ll start at about 1 p.m after the summit completion on Friday, and have a family pizza & salad lunch. Afternoon will be a get-to-know you team-building experience. Will convene in time for families to enjoy facilities, but hope that groups will naturally congregate and continue to spend time together. On Saturday we’ll meet 8:30 or 9 to noon with the purpose of fine tuning the mission and focus for the year, refine our legislative ideas and deal with any pending board business. Goal to end by noon.
  • Trudy mentioned that there will be a Thursday night meeting on NexGen with Lynda, Trudy, Amanda Williams and Harriet and their participation at mini conferences and annual conference. Amanda is taking over program as Harriet moves to president.
  • FSFAPA Meeting at Summit will be Lunch Thursday, short (45 min) informational meeting for attendees to get to know the association.

LICENSE PLATE: Coleen will explore current policy on state license plates. Do we want to continue to pursue?

NEX GEN BAND: Will be performing at Faith Symposium, Cowboy up For Adoptions in Ocala and the Summit. Interviews are happening for possible new and future members.

Meeting adjourned at 9:42 p.m. (Motion my Orlando, second by Chris, no dissent)

Submitted for review: 8/28/2014 – by Charles Parker, Board Secretary

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