FSFAPA Board Meeting
Dec. 29, 2014 – 8:30 p.m.
Conference Call

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker.

Meeting started by Trudy at 8:30 p.m.

Following were in attendance: Trudy Petkovich (President), Harriett Wynn (Exec VP, President-elect), Orlando Avila (Director of Programs), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Charles Parker (Secretary), Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP), Lillie Blackshear (RVP), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP), Trish Allen (Adoptions), Lynda Thompson (Parliamentarian/Bylaws/Conference Chair), Coleen LaCosta (FAST Coordinator), Victoria Herrin (Band Manager), Amanda Williams (Nex Gen/IL), Chris Johnson (RVP), Keith Best (RVP), Wendy Vernon (Advocacy), Harry Dubia (Membership), and Carrie Toy (DCF Advisor). Also in attendance was Melanie Stimmel, who is interested in joining the board as an RVP after the new year.

Not in attendance: David Brown (CBC Advisor), Gay Frizzell (QPI Advisor)

After attendance the minutes from the November meeting were accepted with changes (provided via email after submission to board) Motion made by Harriet, seconded by Lynda with no opposition.

Maria presented the 2015 budget for approval, explaining the document emailed to board members showed the 2014 actual vs. 2015 projected expenses. Maria explained that the executive board had also created a finance committee (with herself, Harriet and Chris) that will monitor the budget (income and expenses) throughout the year and make updates as needed and present them to the board.

While there is more than $100,000 in reserve, the goal is to balance the annual budget, and as such there may be adjustments in the number of representatives that are sent to certain events (i.e. the entire board may not go to the DCF Summit or other conferences based on costs, distance etc.) The finance committee will make many of those decisions based on the “real time” budget analysis, which will reflect income from fundraising and grants (which we hope to increase in the coming year.)

The floor was opened to questions on the budget:
– Lynda asked if the $66k on the conference line was her budget; Maria explained it was based on two previous FSFAPA conferences and an expected increase in expenses such as child care. She does not have donations accounted for in this number, so hopefully the final number will be lower, but that is the number by which it should be able to be done (depending on attendance and food costs).
– Colleen asked Who is raising funds and writing grants. Short answer is “no one yet” but that is a goal set forth by the e-board to develop additional income sources.
– Lynda asked if we actually saw the Duffels Grant. Maria responded that she had not, but because that money has been consistent the last 2 years that is the only fundraising represented in this budget (the Duffels expenses virtually match it, so it is nearly a net zero.)
– Colleen asked about the band expenses and if they will see an income. The plan is not that they will generate direct income, but because the vote was made to make them a “program” it is funded similarly to other FSFAPA programs in this budget to ensure that as many hard costs to volunteers are covered as is possible.

Trudy asked if anyone on the board was interested in helping guide fundraising or grant-writing, to contact her.

The budget was approved as proposed (motion by Orlando, second by Harriet) with no opposition.

Carrie informed the Board that DCF is teaming up with Carole Schauffer to produce a webinar for early in 2015 (early February) as a “refresh” on the normalcy law updates. There have been enough questions from CMs et al that DCF has identified this as a training need.

Trudy asked who on the board was planning to attend the QPI National Conference in San Diego Jan 20-22: at this time it appears Harriet, Colleen and Amanda are the only board members attending. Carrie did say that it appears that 14 CBCs are sending foster parents.

Trudy took a few moments to commemorate her last board meeting as president and thank the board members for their work, pointing out that FSFAPA is setting the standard for other FAPAs and is arguably doing it better than anyone else because of the efforts of the board and our volunteers. She thanked the board and pointed out that she was “counting down the hours” to Harriet ascending to the President role.

Call was adjourned at 8:52 p.m. by motion by Orlando, seconded by Charlie. No opposition.