Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.
Meeting date: 04/8/2014

Call to order: The Quarterly Membership Meeting of FSFAPA Quarterly meeting was held in Tallahassee on April 08, 2014. The meeting convened at 1:00 pm EST, President Trudy Petkovich presiding, and Curtis Byrd, Secretary.
Members in attendance: All members in attendance and visitors

Minutes Approval: Minutes for Ft. Lauderdale were brought before the members for approval

A motion was made to approve the minutes with any necessary charges. The motion was properly seconded. Motion Carried.

Trudy Petkovich opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the Quarterly meeting in Tallahassee, Fl.

Trudy Petkovich presented the revised Bylaws to the members to be ratified. There was several questions ask and some discussion on the changes. It was stated; by the Parliamentarian and the ByLaws Chair that there was ample time to send in any corrections to these ByLaws and now was just the time to vote. If there are any suggested changes for the By Laws in the future please direct to Lynda Thompson. A motion was by Lillie Blackshear to ratify the Bylaws, it was seconded and a vote was called 19 For and 5 Against. Bylaws were Ratified.

Trudy Petkovich gave a brief update on the June Conference. Trudy Petkovich discussed with everyone that all Florida attendees must register for Conference and classes this year. This is a combine conference with NFPA. To see about DCF paid conference registration, please contact your CBC. If you are adoptive or kinship parents please check the FSFAPA website for scholarships. Child care as always is on a first come basis so please be sure to register soon.

Harry Dubia discussed membership and the reasons to become members of FSFAPA. There was discussion from the members regarding why local associations or individuals should join FSFAPA. He announced that FSFAPA had partnered with One Simple Wish which is an organization that grants wishes to foster and adopted children all year. This would be available to all paid members. Membership cards are being sent to all members.

Trish Allen spoke on the Tax Credit Bill and that everyone should write their congressman and voice their options. This is a very important bill and we all should do whatever we can to keep this bill alive.

There was additional discussion about the new Medicaid and the Managed system that is moving into place in Florida. Each area seems to be having different deadlines. Conversation was noted and the RVP’s were to go back and see what is happening in their areas and report, posting any information available on the FSFAPA website.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 2:10_pm Est.
Curtis Byrd
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Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association Inc.