FSFAPA Board Meeting
Dec. 29, 2014 – 8:30 p.m.
Conference Call

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker.

Meeting started by at 8:30 p.m.

Following were in attendance: Harriett Wynn (President), Chris Johnson (Exec VP), Orlando Avila (Director of Programs), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Charles Parker (Secretary), Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP), Lillie Blackshear (RVP), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP), Lynda Thompson (Parliamentarian/Bylaws/Conference Chair), Coleen LaCosta (FAST Coordinator, Kinship), Amanda Williams (Nex Gen/IL), (RVP), Keith Best (RVP), Wendy Vernon (Advocacy), Harry Dubia (Membership), and Carrie Toy (DCF Advisor), David Brown (past CBC Advisor), Gay Frizzell (QPI Advisor), Laurally Segur (CBC Advisor) and Trudy Petkovich (Executive Director).

Not in attendance: Trish Allen (Adoptions), Melanie Stimmel (RVP – Central). Victoria Herrin (Band Manager) was previously excused.

After attendance, the minutes from the November meeting were accepted with changes (provided via email after submission to board) Motion made by Lillie, seconded by Amanda with no opposition.

Harriet opened the business portion of the meeting with a thank you and wished everyone a happy new year. Harriet also announced changes to the Executive Board, with Chris moving to EVP and Trudy (past president) moving into the newly created Executive Director post. She also outlined that one of her goals this year is to increase the accountability of the association and all the positions on the board as we become a more “professional” entity.

MINI CONFERENCE – Orlando started updates; saying that most of the logistics are firmed up, and that the fine tuning is all that is really left. They are looking for some additional local volunteers. Trudy added that she expects an agenda to be ready shortly, and will make sure Orlando is included on future conference calls. The board will meet at the end of the conference rather than that evening due to the Valentines Day holiday.

DUFFELS – LaShaun informed the board that the walk plans are moving forward and that she had traveled to Port Orange to meet with town officials and view the site. Some sponsors are on board (Lego Land, Bright House) and the local CBC president has promised “support” but that has not been defined. She reminded the board that we can sign up “virtual walkers” as well. On the duffels distribution end, LaShaun and Keith will be at the mini conference, after which LaShaun will be working on catching up on some historic orders that were not filled.

EDUCATION CONFERENCE – Lynda shared that she had visited the facility in December, and was assured that the vast majority of our class space will be on the first floor, so moving up and down stairs will be limited to the main events in the ball room on the higher floor. She reported that she had heard back from most board members as to their responsibilities. She has also been in touch with Super Sitters and they want to provide child care for us again this year, and they are working on the room situation together. She also asked Maria to look into procuring 4 walkie talkies to facilitate support the day of the events. Coleen will facilitate the slide show for the ballroom events.

CHILDRENS WEEK – Trudy is still looking into hotels for this event. Wendy is working with David on the legislative approach, hopes to be able to get with him for additional guidance/planning this week.

RALLY IN TALLY – at this point we have a contingent of 6 going to this event.

NEW CBC ADVISOR – Harriet announced that Laurallyn Segur (Eckerd, C6) has accepted the FSFAPA CBC advisor role that David Brown had held prior to his accepting a postion with QPI.

RVP REPORT – Chris put out a call for suggestions for possible candidates for Suncoast and North Central regions. Some candidates have been explored, but no progress has been made. Suncoast is a particular concern because Lillie and Kara are currently covering the North Central area. Chris also reminded the RVPs about their monthly call Thursday at 8:30.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Trudy shared that she is excited to assume the new role moving forward. No official report, but she will interject as necessary.

DCF ADVISOR – Carrie announced that there have been some moves to reorganize the office of child welfare and she is focusing more on “well-being” in her new role, Kristi Putnam will be sharing the DCF Advisor moving forward – Kristi will be focusing more on foster care issues with the OCW.

QPI ADVISOR – Gay did not attend the QPI conference in San Diego but reported that she had heard very good things. Harriet and Coleen (who did attend) both reported that it was a great conference, and that Florida was very often cited as the “good example” in discussions.

FINANCE COMMITTEE – Maria reported that the finance committee had their first meeting and will be meeting monthly. They also have developed policy for reporting and tying the numbers to grants, fundraising and needs.

APPOINTMENT – Trudy congratulated Harriet on her appointment by Governor Scott to the Independent Living Service Advisory Council.

MEMBERSHIP – Harry shared that there have been several new memberships received in the new year, but only has renewals for 4 board members. He’ll track the rest of the board down at the conference.

At 9:17 the motion was made by Chris to close the meeting, Wendy seconded the motion, there was no opposition