2015-04-27 BOD Minutes

FSFAPA Board Meeting
April 27, 2015 – 8:30 p.m.
Conference Call

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker.

Meeting started by at 8:30 p.m.

Following were in attendance: Harriett Wynn (President), Chris Johnson (Exec VP), Charles Parker (Secretary), Orlando Avila (Director of Programs), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP), , Keith Best (RVP), Melanie Stimmell (RVP), Lillie Blackshear (RVP), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP), Wendy Vernon (Advocacy), Lynda Thompson (Parliamentarian/Bylaws/Conference Chair), , Harry Dubia (Membership),
Amanda Williams (Nex Gen/IL) LaShaun Wallace (Duffels), Victoria Herrin (Band Manager), Laurallyn Segur (CBC Advisor), Kristi Putnam (DCF Advisors), Gay Frizzell (QPI Advisor), and Trudy Petkovich (Executive Director). David Brown (past CBC advisor) was also in attendance.

Not in attendance:, Trish Allen (Adoptions), Carrie Toy (DCF Advisor – Kristi covered), Coleen LaCosta (FAST Coordinator, Kinship), Thomas Croom (RVP – excused)

After attendance, the minutes from the prior April Board Meeting (Tallahassee, Children’s Week) were accepted with corrections. Motion made by Orlando, seconded by Lillie; motion passed with no opposition.

ADVOCACY DAY – Wrap up by Lillie, “everything went very well.” If we participate at similar levels in the future it would be helpful to have talkin points firmed up earlier. Comments were positive, but in general the feeling is that Rally in Tally just prior to session is a better opportunity moving forward.

DUFFELS – Keith referred to a detailed email from LaShaun to all board members earlier in the day, was also discussion about use of trailer for walk. Expected distribution should match closely with delivery, not expecting to have to transport large number back.

EDUCATION CONFERENCE – Trudy indicated that registrations are coming in and emphasized that we need to make sure people are aware that child care registration must be done on Super Sitter website. There was discussion that the Super Sitters form was not prefilled with event name, location or times, which may create issues (Trudy was going to follow up.)

DAVE THOMAS GRANT – No change. Some discussion about the process to start grant idea discussions and submission to Maria. There was some discussion about finding a way to tie grants to the upcoming adoption intervention effort or teen foster parent recruitment initiative.

NEX GEN BAND – Due to Spring Break/Easter timing conflicts the scheduled fundraiser in Leesburg has been postponed; looking for a summer date. Still involved withy Cruise Ticket sales split fundraiser. Band will also do a tour in support of the Teen Foster Parent Recruitment initiative this summer – kicking off a “Summer Success Tour” at the conference and culminating at the Summit.

TEEN FOSTER PARENT RECRUITMENT – David expanded on the Summer Tour for the band telling the board about the work with the CBCs and DCF, the fact they are lining up dates (to be shared very soon) and everyone is excited to use this opportunity to raise the profile of the need for caregivers for teens in care. They are currently developing materials to promote events in advance and for those at the events.

MEMBERSHIP – Harry reported that we are still low on membership (but have creeped over 40 families/70 individual members)numbers, discussed using a Constant Contact email campaign to try to remind past members to renew so they can take part in elections and nominations at conference.

EVP REPORT – Suncoast is still open, there are some discussions but nothing firm at this point. Melanie is meeting with some organizations and foster parents in Suncoast in an attempt to ensure they are supported.

TABLECLOTH MIA – Harriet asked the board to check their materials from Fernandina, as the association’s printed tablecloth is still missing in action. Will check with FSS to make sure it wasn’t left behind.

BOARD SHIRTS – Orlando has secured a vendor that can supply Oxford and Polo shirts (at quality similar or better than the old blue ones) for $26 ea. Printed for the oxford style and $20 for polos with an order of 20 or more.) He is going to check on color availability as he was not aware red had been decided on. Shirts will be available in men’s and women’s varieties.

FCC CONFERENECE – Trudy asked for anyone that is interested in attending the FCC conference to contact her ASAP as reservations need to be finalized this week.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Maria was travelling and will email a treasurer’s report this week.

SECRETARY REPORT – ELECTIONS/NOMINATIONS: Up for Nomination at the Conference in June are the EVP, Director Of Programs and Secretary. Charles has researched (with Trudy) the last several elections due to uncertainty about the RVPs positions that should be up for election this cycle. There is conflicting information, including an election 3 years ago which all RVPs simultaneously stood election. Because the majority of our RVPs are either appointed or open (not a result of contested elected) the executive board decided they would like to update the bylaws to make all the RVP posts appointed and corresponding to the President’s elected terms. In the mean time the 2015 elections (for 2016 service) being mid-presidential term the executive board decided that all RVPs will stand election this year for the remainder of the current presidential term (one year). The board’s representative (nomination chair – TBD) will present a slate of RVPs to stand election (nominations will be accepted), any uncontested posts will be elected in this manner for the 2016 year. The executive board and full board will begin the process to update the bylaws to reflect this new approach. (Which will have to be ratified by a membership vote.) After discussion, there were no objections — including from the RVPS — to moving ahead in this manner.

DCF ADVISOR – Kristi expanded on David’s comments on the Summer of Success tour and the workgroups behind the recruitment effort. There will be a follow up webcast Thursday (follow up to original meeting March 13 in Tampa). Expects to hear how the plan will roll out statewide with the roles and assignments more clearly defined.

QPI ADVISOR – Gay deferred to David and Kristi

CBC ADVISOR – Laurallyn also reiterated the previous notes about recruitment, and shared that the CBCs are eager, because they are stuggling to get homes now.

Laurallyn also followed up on Adoption Intervention and confirmed that no one is really tracking numbers on the issue, which presents a challenge.

Motion was made by Melanie to adjourn at 9:20 and seconded by many. No opposition was heard.

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