FSFAPA Board Meeting

MONDAY, Sept. 28 – 8:30 p.m.

Conference Call

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker.

Meeting started at 8:30 p.m.

Following were in attendance: Harriett Wynn (President), Chris Johnson (Exec VP), Charles Parker (Secretary), Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP), Thomas Croom (RVP), Keith Best (RVP), Lillie Blackshear (RVP), Melanie Stimmell (RVP), Trish Allen (Adoptions), Lynda Thompson (Parliamentarian/ Bylaws), Victoria Herrin (Band Manager), Amanda Williams (Nex Gen/IL), Harry Dubia (Membership), Laurallyn Segur (CBC Advisor) and Gay Frizzell (QPI Advisor).

Not in attendance: Wendy Vernon (Advocacy), Orlando Avila (Director of Programs-excused), David Brown (Nominations – excused), Trudy Petkovich (Executive Director-excused), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP-excused), Xiomara Turner (DCF Advisor), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Melissa Schol (RVP), Coleen Lacosta (FAST)

After attendance, the minutes from the prior Board Meeting were accepted with changes. Motion made by Chris and seconded by Harry; motion passed with no opposition.

Fall Mini Conference will be Nov. 14 in West Palm Beach at the Friends of Foster Children facility. We will participate in their Triple P parenting training and have our quarterly meeting and President’s Council in conjunction with their schedule. Board meeting will be at that same location that evening. Please email Trudy RSVP as soon as possible.


DUFFELS – Melanie inquired about the check to purchase additional bags for distribution, understanding is the funds were approved – however Maria is travelling and could not be on the call to confirm. Harriet announced that the 2016 walk is going to be held in Jacksonville at the zoo.

BAND – Summit performance was only new activity to report since last call (start of school) The next event for Fostering Success is in October, the band is trying to determine availability for the event.

CAREGIVER RECRUITMENT – Chris reported that there were a couple of presentations to share successes and boost recruiting in other circuits. Breakout sessions also shared ideas among various areas. Amanda concurred that everything is kinda in a lull at the moment, groups seem to be trying to figure out what their next moves are.

NOMINATIONS – In David’s absence, Charles reported that all info is in ald all positons will be filled by acclamation at the Fall mini conference quarterly meeting.

BYLAWS – Lynda asked whether the board wanted to see them in redline or before/after. Harriet responded before/after would be her preference and asked Lynda to forward them to the Executive Committee as soon as she was able.


RALLY IN TALLY – Send your name to Trudy if you are interested in participating (Nov. 30-Dec1).

2016 CONFERENCE – Melanie reported that they are working on lining up keynotes looking at childcare options (especially in light of the issues and costs this year.) Chris added they are open to suggestions for themes in addition to the fact it is the 20th annual conference. Melanie asked Lynda to confirm that her daughter would be interested in working with Tweens again next year.

LEGISLATIVE UPDATE – Thomas reported that Alan’s bill (GAL) is filed and has Dietert as the sponsor in the Senate, there is apparently a House sponsor lined up as well, but that information is being held close to the vest at the moment. Once the legislation is on the board, Thomas has informed Alan (GAL) that FSFAPA will push for addition to strengthen the language (more detailed) in some portions.

QPI – Gay commented that Carole got several comments at summit regarding the investigation process and that it seems to be moving away from the QPI expectations. She wants to survey the various county FAPAs to see how this is developing statewide. Harriet added that there have been issues in her area, and Amanda added that she has met with her CBC CEO regarding investigations not following protocols and being misleading (they plan to take this to their DCF region as well.) Charles reported that Collen’s last FAST report indicated this is happening in various parts of the state and removals are happening quickly – and even in cases where the allegations prove unfounded the children are not allowed to return. (He pointed out the incongruity to the best interest/transition issues QPI stands for.) Melanie also pointed out that this issue is also one she heard from parents in Hernando in a recent visit.

FCC/CBC – Laurallyn reported that CBCs focus on Teen Recruitment has not had as much progress as they would have liked, they are polling all CBCs to see what has worked where, and hope to set best practices model. She also reported that the investigation issue Gay outlined may have some policy components as some CBCs and CPI units remove immediately as a matter of policy. Laurallyn suggested that FSFAPA present at a future FCC meeting to share our vision and goals and get it in front of all the CBC CEOs.

EXEC DIRECTOR REPORT – Trudy reported (via Harriet) that at the Summit she was surprised at the number of CPIs and CMs that were not aware of the FAST program.

DISCUSSION – Harriet shared with the board that Orlando had broken his femur the week prior and was recovering from surgery at Shands (Jacksonville) well with hopes of going home next week.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:58 pm by Chris, seconded by Kara. There was no opposition.