FSFAPA Board Meeting


Saturday, Nov. 14, 3  p.m.

Friends of Foster Children, West Palm Beach

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker. Meeting started by at 3:06 p.m.

Following were in attendance: Harriett Wynn (President), Chris Johnson (Exec VP), Charles Parker (Secretary), Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP – by phone), Keith Best (RVP), Victoria Herrin (Band Manager), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Melanie Stimmell (RVP), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP), and Coleen Lacosta (FAST-excused).

After attendance, the minutes from the prior Board Meeting were accepted with changes. Motion made by Chris and seconded by Colleen; motion passed with no opposition.

Harriet addressed the group as our last face-to-face meeting of the year, and thanked everyone for all they have done this year. She shared that the NFPA wanted to partner with FSFAPA again for a conference in 2018. NFPA has assured that the situation will be different with more information shared. She shared that the Ecomm has some questions for NFPA to ensure the partnership is beneficial to both parties, but the conversation is being explored.

Harriet announced the elections by acclamation of Chris as EVP and the slate of RVPs. She also shared that all of the program chairs and ad-hoc positions will be reviewed for the new board and reviewed and set by reappointment for the new board.

Harriet also shared that Charles declined the nomination to retain the secretary position and she will be looking for people to appoint to cover his position and other duties in the coming year.

She also shared that many of our position holders are not taking their responsibilities to heart. She did feel that we need more accountability at many positions and we need to all evaluate our own performances and seriously consider whether we are effectively filling our roles or covering our territorial requirements.

She also reminded the board that the Quarterly reports are due to Trudy on Nov. 20. Urged that they be more focused on the requirements and measures of the position – like meetings attended and assistance provided — rather than what some associations “gave out so many turkeys” etc.

The Next Quarterly meeting needs to be set and a location secured. There was discussion about Gainesville as a location. There had been interest at Port St. Lucie, and Dorothy mentioned they had been overwhelmed by the requirements of the meeting place, and that the list may be better shared as a conversation rather than a list that may be seen as “demands.” We also need to be scheduling these regional meetings more in advance so that the requirements can be met across many months rather than just a few. Chris volunteered to take the lead on getting these scheduled.

Harriet thanked Friends of Foster Children for hosting a successful quarterly meeting, and thanked them for all their support. More than 70 attended.

Treasurer’s report was given by Maria, as of Oct. 31 there was

$76,846.89 in the bank, income for the year was $189,968 and expenses $220,783.14.  The operating deficit for the year is  now

$30,814.70. Maria commented that this deficit is now more back in line with the original budget expectations despite a major shortfall ($39,000) from the conference, which is generally our biggest fundraiser. This is largely due to recent cost-saving measures and general austerity by the board throughout the year.


2016 Conference – Melanie shared that they are examining everything with an eye toward costs, so that money is spent on the items that are more important to the overall experience. They have also approached a couple of the major churches as alternatives to Super Sitters. They are soliciting ideas and will reach out for assistance on bags and other support. Chris is coordinating the keynote speakers.

BAND – Victoria mentioned the band is looking to do a “star search” model to create a next generation of the group. Victoria’s Allen Madden foundation is hoping to kick off their support (and sponsorship coordination) for the band as they come online with their website and FB this week.

MEETINGS SCHEDULE – The call set for later this month is cancelled (this meeting covers the month.)

Motion to adjourn was made at 4:25 pm by Charles, seconded by Melanie. There was no opposition.