2015_02_14 General Membership Mtg


General Membership Quarterly Meeting
Feb 14, 2015, 11:10 AM
Atlantic Center, Fernandina Beach (Joint Quarterly Mini Conference with FSS Quarterly Training)

Submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Charles Parker.

Meeting started immediately after the Nex Gen Band performed to welcome everyone to the Quarterly Mini Conference with the following board members present: Harriett Wynn (President), Charles Parker (Secretary), Chris Johnson (Executive VP), Orlando Avila (Director of Programs), Maria Bond (Treasurer), Trudy Petkovich (Executive Director), Victoria Herrin (Band Manager). Coleen LaCosta (FAST Coordinator), Wendy Vernon (Advocacy), Lynda Thompson (Parliamentarian/Bylaws/Conference Chair), Lillie Blackshear (RVP), Dorothy Alvarez (RVP), Keith Best (RVP), Melanie Stimmell (RVP), Trish Allen (Adoptions), Harry Dubia (Membership), LaShaun Wallace (Duffels), Laurallyn Segur (CBC Advisor), Amanda Williams (NexGen Teens).

Not in attendance (all previously excused) Kara Elliot-Jordan (RVP), Gay Frizzell (QPI Advisor) and Carrie Toy and Kristi Putnam(DCF Advisors).

The meeting was attended by approximately 170 attendees.

Harriet welcomed everyone and thanked the band for their performance. She then asked the board members in attendance to come to the front and introduce themselves.

Next the minutes for the previous Quarterly Meeting (October 2014) were approved by a motion from the floor by Tom DePolo and seconded by Lori Dubia. Motion passed without opposition or further discussion

Harriet shared with the group information about the upcoming Childrens Week in Tallahassee, and that the state association was participating (April 12-17).

Lynda then shared information about the upcoming annual training conference in June. June 19-21; Orlando Hilton. Flyers were available at the FSFAPA table and more updates will come via the FloridaFAPA.org website, email and Facebook posts.

DUFFELS: Harriet outlined the Duffels program and how it is funded, and explained why the distribution is specific to children in Foster Care (not adopted, kinship, relative care, or biological). Shared that there is a fundraising walk set for May 16 in Port Orange and donations can be made via the FloridaFAPA.org website for those that cannot make the walk. Duffles distribution was scheduled to happen at the end of the FSS training portion of the day’s meeting.

ADOPTIONS: Trish shared that she has attended several conferences and is setting up a wish list of speakers and trainings for the conference. She also solicited feedback from the attendees as to the types of post-adoption services they need.

MEMBERSHIP: Harry outlined membership benefits for paid members and asked attendees to consider joining the association.

Harriet shared that those attending from outside the county could pick up training certificates to take back to their CBCs at the FSFAPA table.

Motion to adjourn the quarterly meeting was made by Mike Price at 11:35 and seconded by Phyllis Durham. There was no opposition, so the Quarterly meeting closed and the FSS training agenda commenced.

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