Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association, Inc.

Board of Directors Monthly Conference Call

February 29, 2016


Respectfully submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Curtis Byrd

The monthly meeting was called to order at 8:31 by President Harriett Wynn

Secretary Curtis Byrd took Roll call missing and unexcused was Wendy Vernon

All other Board Members and Advisors were on the call.

A motion was made by Orlando Avila to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Maria Bond.  Motion passed

Open business

Chris Johnson reported on the RVP’s all seems to be going well.  He discussed with the RVP’s to please be in touch with the CBC CEO’s so they can speak to them about the Membership Letter.  Chris asked to have the letter resent and a list of those CBC’s that have committed or already sent their checks would be appreciated.

Laurallyn reminded Chris that in the letter to the CBC’s one registration included for their membership of $1500.

Maria Bond reported that we have $77,724.85 in the bank.  She has the budget ready to go over.  Maria, Trudy and Harriett will go over the agency budget and the contract budget in Daytona so we have it ready for contract talks with Tallahassee.  The three of them will travel to Tallahassee sometime in April to discuss our three year contract with DCF.  The annual budget will be available for our March Board meeting.  Two CBC’s have returned membership in the amount of $1500, Devereux and Children’s Network of SW Fl.

Coleen reported on FAST – more of the same concerns have been coming up.  One concern is that biological family members (children) with allegations and are labeled as sexual predators.  The foster parents need to have training to be aware of these concerns about safety prevention methods to put in place in their homes.  The other issue is taking the kids out of the home when there is not immediate concern.  Thomas will update Melanie on anything that might help with finding a speaker to cover these concerns.  Gay also volunteered to report back to Melanie with any suggestions.

Membership – Harry Dubia has approximately 140 memberships.  Everyone received the letters Harry sent out to the CBC’s.   Laurallyn has commitments from Eckerd Pasco/Pinellas, Eckerd Hillsborough and Harriett heard from Heartland.

Trudy Petkovich – Mini Conference update.  Information has gone out to the Board and Constant Contact from Curtis to the membership.  Harry will speak during the meeting regarding Membership..  Mary Ann Davenport is not going to be able to attend.  There are 22 spots for childcare left.

Thomas Croom reported on legislative – as far as we know the two bills will go tomorrow and pass out completely to the Governors office.   SB 7018 child welfare bill contains a lot of various issues with 40 amendments; there is a companion bill in the House.  Not sure there is enough time for that bill to move forward.  We don’t have a position on it.

Alan Abramowitz and Thomas have spoke to the Governors office about a bill signing event for the two bills we supported.  They are interested in doing that and Thomas will advise when it will happen.

Xiomara Turner updated us that JT will be retiring in April.  They  think JoShonda Guerrier may be her replacement.  They are still looking at the licensing codes under and hope to have them completed soon.

Gay Frizzell reported that the Florida QPI Conference is going to be well attended.  The topics they are going to cover:  normalcy, transitions and investigations.  Denise Goodman will be training on Friday about recruitment.

Laurallyn Segur – discussed a memo from DCF making it possible for some children in foster care to be home schooled.  Each CBC has been asked to put a policy in place to allow for this to happen on a case by case basis.  Discussion followed about homeschooling in other areas. This may open up some other avenues to recruit foster parent.  Thomas asked for the memo and Laurallyn is going to send it to everyone.  Xiomara offered to speak with anyone wanting to discuss this home schooling memo.

Laurallyn advocates at every chance available for better partnership between CBC’s , local associations and FSFAPA.

Melanie Stimmell – Annual Education Conference report

Melanie has been working on trainers, exhibitors, and child care. We will have the ability to have medical children with a doctor and nurses in place, this year through Nathaniels Hope.

Rough draft of the committees:

Harriett:  Letter for the brochure, Hospitality meet and greet the families

Awards will be handled by Gay again this year.

Harry Dubia – conference bags and photos – speakers will have the photos rolling behind them.   Photo booth – a contract is $3000  Melanie thinks that is too much money so she will look into getting a fish eye lens and the props and borrow the printer from a photo company.  Harry will take photos at the conference.

Trudy Petkovich – packets for presenter, packets for attendees, names tags,  packets for monitors and possibly stamps or stickers for the in service training hours.

Chris Johnson – keynote speakers, A/V equipment and we are looking at costs.

Maybe Thomas to help in that area for the a/v  specific needs checking the rooms.

Presidents meeting Chris will attend to the meeting and the agenda.  Harriett will take care of the Membership Meeting agenda.

Lori  Dubia will be responsible for the Chain of Love.

Lori also volunteered to provide the table decorations.

Nex Gen – Amanda Williams has this all under control, looking at exciting new things. Being really flexible.  Amanda may be out of town so we are looking at a Plan A or Plan B.  Some of the possibilities will take the teens offsite.

If anyone has some out of the box ideas to work with teens please email Amanda.  We have between 50-75 teens and we need volunteers to come and support the NexGen conference.

Melanie will work on exhibitors, child care this will be Super Sitters last event.  They are going out of business.  We will need to consider other options for next year.  Trainers and sponsors if anyone has a sponsor please let Melanie know.


Melanie’s three adult children will step up and run the tweens program

Harriet asked if Melisa would be able to get to the conference for an award. Lynda said she will see what she can do.

Chris clarified the monitors we are in need of are the Monitors for each of the session to introduce the presenter give hand outs to attendees and pass out the stickers for the session.  Curtis Byrd has done this in the past and will do this year also.

Lynda Thompson and Maria Bond creating the t shirt – for NexGen and the tweens.

Creative on the front.  Sponsors on the back.

Melissa Schol –  Hospitality room work with the local association , if they come through.  Melanie will check on whether we can bring food in for a hospitality room.

Melanie is looking for someone to create the program for the conference.  Melissa stepped up as she has experience to do that.

Dorothy Alvarez will help Curtis with the Monitors.

Maria and Melanie need to talk about the budget.

Travis Lloyd, keynote speaker, cost $1500.  He also offered to make a video to promote FSFAPA showing what we do.

Dr. John DeGarmo – cost is $2500, Coleen suggested talking to his assistant and she will talk to you about him traveling for free.

Comedian for the Friday night keynote – $750

 Melanie would like everyone on the board to check out these people online.  Melanie will send an email with the information to Harriett and the Executive Committee will go over and bring back to the board.  Maria suggested that she and Melanie go over the budget at the Mini Conference so everyone has a better idea of what the conference costs are and what we can spend.

 Chris Johnson reached out to Secretary Carroll for the luncheon Saturday, Chris needs to get the forms completed for him to attend.

 Nothing definite on the proposed for Sunday speaker yet.

 Lillie Blackshear – reported that LaShaun met with the 5000 Role Model at Dupont Elementary school and they are sponsoring duffels for all children at the walk in May.  Not thee duffels we usually buy, but they will get the duffels and give to every child at the walk.  Lillie has flyers to bring to the Mini conference and hand out.

Harriett thanked everyone for their participation on the call.

Motion to adjourn made by Thomas Croom and seconded by Melanie Stimmell, the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 9:34 pm.



Attendance Record

Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association Inc.


1 Trudy Petkovich x     X                     1
2 Harriett Wynn x    X                     1
3 Maria Bond x     X                     1
4 Lillie Blackshear      X                     0
5 Lynda Thompson x    X                     1
6 Curtis Byrd x    X                     1
7 Coleen LaCosta x     X                     1
8 Dorothy Alvarez x     X                     1
9 Chris Johnson x    X                     1
10 Orlando Avila      X                     0
11 Wendy Vernon                         0
12 Melissa Schol x     X                     1
13 Melanie Stimell x    X                     1
14 Thomas Croom x    X                     1
15 Victoria Herrin x     X                     1
16 Harry Dubia x     X                     1
17 Laurallyn Segur (Advisor) x    X                     1
18 Gay Frizzell (Advisor) x     X                     1
19 Xiomara Turner (Advisor)       X                     1
20 Kara Elliott-Jordan x     X                     1
21 Amanda Williams     X     X                     0
22                           0
  # in Attendance: 17 20 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0  

Absent      3    1

Lillie Blackshear Excused 1