2016-10-15 BOD Minutes

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2016

Type of Meeting: Board of Directors

Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn

Invitees:  See Attached

Special Guest:  None

Call to order – Harriett Wynn

A motion was made by Melanie and seconded by Lynda to accept the minutes from 9/07/2016 with any necessary changes. There was no discussion so a vote was called. Motion Carried

Maria reported on the finances of the association currently we have 174,791.00 in the bank.

It was asked if anyone is using a signature in emails please try to make them uniformed with everyone else’s.

Curtis announced that membership was now open for the 2017 period. And that the new membership form can be found on the website.

The importance of prompt reply to emails is an area that all board members could work on, it was stated by all that they would try better.

Chris and Kara will be attending the Faith Symposium and will report on any interesting information that they receive while there.

Lynda reported that the QPI National Conference was very informative.

Gerald Waters along with Kara Jordan prepared a proposal that we the February 2017 Mini Conference be held in Crestview, Fl.  The executive board agreed and it was presented to the board for their approval all agreed.

Adjournment: At 5:00 pm Lillie made a motion to adjourn it was seconded by Lynda and with no other business a vote was called. Motion Carried


Election results: 128 sheets were mailed. 88 sheets were returned.

Incumbent Harriett Wynn with 57% of the votes defeated Christopher Johnson with 44% of the votes. Denise Sasiain with 67% of the votes defeated Paul Vernon with 33% of the votes.


The total attendance for the Mulberry Mini Conference on 10/15/2016 was 40.

Respectfully Summated by:  Curtis Byrd, Secretary

Attendance Record
Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association Inc. [42]
NAME Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 # %
1 Trudy Petkovich x X x x x X X x x x     9 75.0%
2 Harriett Wynn x X x x x X X x x x     9 75.0%
3 Maria Bond x X x x   X x x x x     8 66.7%
4 Lillie Blackshear   X x x x X x x x x     8 66.7%
5 Lynda Thompson x X x x x x x x x x     9 75.0%
6 Curtis Byrd x x x x x X X x x x     9 75.0%
7 Coleen LaCosta x X   x   X x x x x     7 58.3%
8 Dorothy Alvarez x X x x   X x x   x     7 58.3%
9 Chris Johnson x X x x x X x x x x     9 75.0%
10 Orlando Avilva   X x x x X x x x       8 66.7%
11 Ann Whiteside         x X X x x x     5 41.7%
12 Melissa Schol x X x x x X x x         8 66.7%
13 Melanie Stimell x X x x   X x x x x     8 66.7%
14 Thomas Croom x X x x x X x x x       9 75.0%
17 Harry Dubia x X x x x   x X x x     7 58.3%
18 Laurallyn Segur (Advisor) x X x x x X X x x       8 66.7%
19 Gay Frizzell (Advisor) x X x         x x       5 41.7%
20 Xiomara Turner (Advisor)   X x       x   x       5 41.7%
21 Kara Elliott x X x x x X X x x x     9 75.0%
22 Amanda Williams X X x x x   x x x       8 66.7%
                          0 0.0%



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