North Florida FAPA (Circuit 8)

Coordinates events and trainings in both Circuits 3 and 8. The North Florida FAPA is a CarePortal Requesting Agency in Circuits 3 & 8 Executive Board President – Jerrod Vice President – Lori Secretary – Yvonne Treasurer – Allison Board Members Christy VanValey Conner – CBC Tiffany Philippus – Social Media Ron Locke

Welcome New FloridaFAPA Board Members

Serving as Former Foster Youth Advisor, we welcome China Hall! China Hall joined the Florida FAPA Board in July of 2023 as the Former Foster Youth Advisor.  She is a native-born Floridian who grew up in Pinellas County.  China now resides in Manatee County.  Her life experiences brought her into foster care at the age of 12.  Education was always important to China.  She attended year-round school and graduated high school at the age of 16.   She has lived on her own since she was 16 and worked her way through college. She has undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Psychology. She has a master’s degree in human resources management.   China has held various volunteer roles since becoming an adult to include working at a couple of domestic violence shelters, a homeless shelter, and as a Big Sister with BBBS of the Suncoast for 10 years.   She has been on a lifelong healing journey and strives to use her past traumas and experiences to help others.   China married her husband, John in 2000.  They have three biological children and began fostering in 2014.  In 2015, they adopted their 4th child.  They fostered for five years until 2019.   China has worked for the Safe Children Coalition since 2020 licensing foster homes.  China’s hobbies include photography, writing and volunteer work.  She is passionate about foster care. China wants children to be in safe, loving homes and for families to be healed through foster care.  Serving as Board Members at Large, we welcome Jerrod Pfeffer.  Jerrod is the father of 3 girls 15, 13, and 9. He has been fostering for 4 years now and is in the final stages of also becoming a first-time adoptive parent. This is his most important work!  Jerrod is the President of the Columbia County FAPA, as well as the Treasurer of the Alachua County FAPA.  Jerrod is the President of a non-profit called The Nest, whose mission is to serve the Adoptive and Foster families of our area in North Florida. The Nest is a Implementing Partner Agency, and he also acts as the CarePortal Regional Manager covering the Counties of Baker, Columbia, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Madison, and Suwannee.  In this role he connects different agencies, churches, and community donors in supporting the CarePortal ecosystem in his area. He lives in a rural area and has a desire to see our foster and adoptive community more connected utilizing the resources available.  Professionally, he works for media as the Head of Operations and Design/Production overseeing the social media, Website Creation, and marketing of services and products. He also does much freelance work in graphic design and is a hay farmer. Yeehaw!

Board Members Wanted!

Happy 2023! Florida FAPA is looking to fill vacancies on its board. Board members serve a 2-year term, with a total of 6 years in a position. Board members play to their strengths, participate in monthly board calls, submit state-wide paperwork and attend Florida FAPA conferences virtually and in person. Florida FAPA is seeking some of the following skills: Pro Bono Atty (Family Law) Grant Writer Fundraiser Support Funding (i.e. in-kind companies, donating services, food, etc) Licensed mental health worker Graphic Designer/social media Areas that we would like to see (but not required): Panhandle, Tallahassee, Tampa area, Rural, southern east coast

Thank you, Amanda!

Amanda, Thank you for the past 4 years of service as President of FloridaFAPA.  We have seen growth in all aspects of the association.  You have been integral to the important advances we have made, and for that, we Thank You for your service.  Even though you will not be our President, you will still be here working with us to build a better Association for the betterment of the families we serve. Editor’s Note: Amanda’s terms as President of FloridaFAPA ended on on Dec. 31.

2022 Election Update

We are excited to announce the following nominations have been received, vetted and accepted for the Election Process of the Florida FAPA: President – Lynda Thompson External Vice President – Melanie Stimmell Treasurer – Paul Vernon No Ballot will be needed as per the Bylaws, in case of a sole nominee, he/she can be elected by acclamation by the Board of Directors. **Michele Connizzo declined nomination for President; Gerald Waters did not meet the election requirements specified in the bylaws, so his nomination was disqualified. **** We are excited to announce the following nominations have been received for the Election Process of the Florida FAPA : President Michele Connizzo Lynda Thompson Gerald Waters External Vice President Melanie Stimmell Treasurer Paul Vernon We will be vetting each nominee to see if they meet the criteria and will post the update next week. ********** ELECTION UPDATEDue to a faux pas at our membership meeting, we are opening elections until June 29 at midnight. Elections that are open are for executive board positions: President, External Vice President, Treasurer Please see attached responsibilities and submit applicants on the link below or to the chair Christina Morris ( ********* This year the following positions are up for election: PRESIDENT EXTERNAL VICE PRESIDENT TREASURER For information (including nominations) see the attached file

Conference Has Kicked Off!

Follow the FloridaFAPA 26th Annual Education Conference on our Facebook and Twitter feeds!’ll post throughout the weekend!

Board Member

Jerrod Pfeffer (Columbia County), contact Jerrod. . .