FSFAPA Board of Directors Meeting

May 31, 2016

Monthly Conference Call


Welcome Harriett Wynn

Reminder the Board call is the last Monday of the month for the entire Board.

Roll Call – Absent Maria Bond, Dorothy Alvarez, Coleen LaCosta – on a plane.  Melanie Stimmell

Minutes – motion to accept the minutes with changes Chris Johnson, Thomas Croom seconded motion carried

RVP Report – Chris Johnson, nothing at this time.  All  RVP reports are due today or tomorrow before the conference.  We will go over all the RVP changes at the Board meeting at the Conference.

Kara – their area is drowning with capacity concerns – homes over capped are stunning, trying to get to the root of the issues.  All local FAPA’s are coming together at the conference to discuss concerns.

Thomas, last few months several requests to assist with 501C3’s and bylaws to discuss how we can facilitate these things – at the conference some training will be welcome.  Chris acknowledged we have that on the table and will discuss next week.

Conference request for exhibitor – Melanie was going to try and reach out to the new association in Panama City, to reach Judith.  Chris explained the concern that they want their teens to sell items at the conference..  Harriet asked for Chris to please contact her before the conference.  Thomas will send a phone number if he has one.

Suggestions of giveaways at the Summit: mouse pads, jelly bracelets, send to Trudy.

Silent Auction – Lillie reported that she does have baskets and a couple of associations have contacted me.  It always works out and I don’t worry about it she announced.

Harriett announced that she appointed Anne Whiteside as the RVP over the southwest region.  Anne was welcomed by the Board, she is looking forward to meeting everyone next week.

Conference hotel contract for 2017 – Melanie and Chris said the hotel has been great to work with for the 2016 conference.  They are completely pleased with how everything at the hotel is working this year.  Trudy reported we signed a contract for the Renaissance at Sea World in 2017.  2018 will be a joint conference with NFPA and will probably be at the Caribe Royale as NFPA has a long standing relationship with the Caribe.

At the Dependency Summit the FSFAPA Quarterly Membership Meeting will be held at lunchtime on Thursday.  The Board of Directors meeting will be held on Wednesday morning at 10 am at the Summit.  We will primarily be discussing the new RVP positions.

October 8, 2016 will be the Quarterly Membership meeting and Mini Conference.  Hosted by TLC in Mulberry.

2016 Conference – Executive Board Wednesday at 8 pm, Thursday the Board of Directors is at 1 pm not noon in the Zander Room.  The Membership meeting will be on Saturday morning during breakfast.  The QPI meeting is on Thursday.

Conference discussion – Harriett asked about the meals and Chris gave her a run down of the meals and the luncheon and breakfast speakers.  Children’s meals are similar but child friendly.  Meeting on Thursday we will not have access to our training so Friday morning is when we will set up the rooms.  Kara asked do we have any spots for childcare, teens or adults.  No scholarships left but we can take any additional families.  The hotel is full so we have some option for an overflow hotel in the area.  Stuff the conference bags on Thursday.  Chain will go up on Friday.

Amanda Nex Gen update need some volunteers, food speaker and surfing set.  There are three waivers she will be contacting the foster parents of  teens registered.

Lauralyn, concurred that there are high levels of kids all around the state at this time.

Due to the fact Trudy now has a position at DCF Southern Region, so Curtis will now be the Contract Manager moving forward. 

Harry wants to know where to bring the Chain on the 8th.  Chris said to text him.

Orlando needed a rundown of the meeting schedule for the Board and a review of the support schedule.

Anne Whiteside has a question, state holding a focus group on June 28th for foster parents CFSR Stakeholder and Focus Groups.  State and Federal doing focus groups, so there is not a lot of information at this time.

A motion to adjourn by Chris Johnson and seconded, no discussion and motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted

Cutis Byrd