2016-07-25 BOD Minutes

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

Board Meeting Agenda

July 25, 2016

8:30 pm

Type of Meeting: Board of Directors

Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn

Attendees: See Attached

Call to order – Harriett Wynn

  1. Approval of Minutes from 5/31/2016, 6/09/2016

Ann made a motion to approve the minutes with any necessary changes. Harriett seconded the motion the floor was opened for discussion, there was no discussion.  So, a vote was called:   Motion Carried

  1. Discuss thoughts on Evaluations Report
  2. We will start this conversation and continue it at the summit.

The floor was opened for conversation, Melanie, discussed one of the comments that the monitors, needed to better trained. There were several other comments on how well everything went. The rest of the conversation was then tabled until further discussion at the DCF Summit.

  1. Are we going to send the comments out to presenters?

Melanie reported that she personally called each one. And felt that there was no need to send them.

III.    Survey Monkey do we have a use for it. – Orlando

Survey Monkey has not been used since the 2015 conference. Orlando stated that he did not have time to come up the surveys, but if someone else wanted to come up with questions he would be glad to help. This issue was added to the agenda for the Summit to see if anyone is interested in working on Survey Monkey.

Survey Monkey has a yearly cost of $300 dollars. It was discussed that we cancel the subscription to save the $300 dollars.  And just use the free version that is available. This issue will need a motion and vote to finalize.

  1. Go Fund Me – how much money did we receive? Is it still up? – Orlando

Orlando reported that he has been busy and had not kept up with this fundraising project.  He thought that once it was sent out that the entire board would forward it to all their contacts and spread the word that way.  We have a total of $200 donated to the fund.

  1. Conference 2016 – Wrap up
  2. Discuss thoughts on Evaluations Report

Most everyone thought that as a team everything went wonderfully there some minor adjustments that need to be made.

  1. Financial Report

No Reports were available Melanie is still working with the hotel on the final bill.

  1. Attendee Reports

Melanie is still compiling the information. She has several questions for Trudy and should have this done shortly.

  1. RVP’s use of Website Calendar
  2. RVP’s to start inputting dates of events from their regions on the website calendar or at least send them in to be added by webmaster.

Chris admitted that he had totally forgot about this and will add it to the agenda for the RVP training at the DCF Summit.

VII.    Update on upcoming events (NACAC, Summit, Quarterly) – Trudy

  1. Schedule for the Exhibition table.

Trudy will provide a schedule of times that the table will be need to covered.

VIII.    Discussion about webmaster?

  1. We need to decide what we are going to do?

After a lengthy discussion it was decided that we would let the current webmaster go.  Trudy was then given permission from the board to approach our former Secretary, Charles Parker and offer him the position.

  1. DCF Advisor – Xiomara Turner

Xiomara reminded everyone to remember that our major concern is the confidentiality of the children. A specific example she used was an email that was sent out looking for kinship caregivers caring for siblings for a reality show on Bravo.  We representing FSFAPA should not make any recommendations without the Boards approval.  We need to be aware of confidentiality of others within our system of care.

  1. Adjourned:  9:20

With no other business to discussion Orlando made a motion to end the meeting. Chris seconded the motion and a vote was called.  Motion Carried







  NAME Jan-16 Feb-16 Mar-16 Apr-16 May-16 Jun-16 Jul-16 Aug-16 Sep-16 Oct-16 Nov-16 Dec-16 # %
1 Trudy Petkovich x X x x x X X 7 58.3%
2 Harriett Wynn x X x x x X X 7 58.3%
3 Maria Bond x X x x EX X x 6 50.0%
4 Lillie Blackshear X x x x X x 6 50.0%
5 Lynda Thompson x X x x x x x 7 58.3%
6 Curtis Byrd x x x x x X X 7 58.3%
7 Coleen LaCosta x X x EX X x 5 41.7%
8 Dorothy Alvarez x X x x EX X x 6 50.0%
9 Chris Johnson x X x x x X x 7 58.3%
10 Orlando Avlva X x x x X x 6 50.0%
11 Ann Whiteside  NA NA NA NA x X X 3 25.0%
12 Melissa Schol x X x x x X x 7 58.3%
13 Melanie Stimell x X x x X x 6 50.0%
14 Thomas Croom x X x x x X x 7 58.3%
17 Harry Dubia x X x x x x 6 50.0%
18 Laurallyn Segur (Advisor) x X x x x X X 7 58.3%
19 Gay Frizzell (Advisor) x X x 3 25.0%
20 Xiomara Turner (Advisor) X x x 4 33.3%
21 Kara Elliott x X x x x X X 7 58.3%
22 Amanda Williams X X x x x x 6 50.0%
0 0.0%

 Respectfully submitted,

Curtis Byrd, Secretary

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