Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

Board Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2016

8:30 pm

Type of Meeting: Board of Directors

Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn

Invitees: See Attached

Call to order – Harriett WynnApproval of Minutes from 7/25/2016    

A Motion to except the minutes with changes if needed was made by Ann the motion was seconded by Orlando. With no discussion, a vote was called: Motion CarriedQPI National Conference

Open it up to the board to see if anyone else to go?

Once opened to the board, Lynda stepped up and agreed to attend and represent FSFAPA. Thank you Lynda

Announce that Melissa will be taking over Social Media (Facebook)

Melissa has volunteered to take over the Facebook, Thank you Melissa we are looking forward to your changes.Go Fund Me – how much money did we receive? Is it still up? – Orlando.

As this being related to Social Media, Orlando will get with Melissa and provide her with the login information and she will assume responsibility for its promotion.

Conference 2016Financial Reports:

Maria has given herself a target date of this weekend to have all reports completed.RVP’s use of Website Charles will provide a 30 min. training at the Summit.

This training session will let the RVP’s know what new changes are coming with the restricting. Chris will be passing on information about starting up a 5013c  Update on upcoming events (

Summit, Quarterly) – Trudy Schedule for the Exhibition table. Ask Chris if there were anything that he needs printed.

Trudy will send out the table schedule on Wednesday there are still open positions. Please look at the schedule and see where you can fill in.

Trudy also requested that everyone ware their red shirts on Thursday. These shirts will also need to be worn in October at the Mini Conference.

Open Discuss

Gay states that all is good around the state. As far as the Summit the only problem is a conflict with our meeting and QPI meeting.

DCF Appoints Children’s Ombudsman Heather Cox Rosenberg appointed to work with youth and young adults in care. Congratulations Heather



With there being no other issues a motion to adjure was made by Chris, Melanie seconded, with no other discussion a vote was called and Motion carried @ 8:54 pm


Respectfully Submitted by:  Curtis Byrd, Secretary