The Florida State Foster/Adoptive parent Association is now “FloridaFAPA.”  That name has represented us online and on social media for years, and even served as shorthand got those that didn’t want to stumble through our formal name or spew a string of letters.

Earlier this year we embarked on a mission to streamline our organization and ensure we are spending our resources responsibly, and on things that support our members and mission.

At that point, it became clear: We’re going to be doing things a little different — to better represent our members.  So it was time to break with the past, and unveil a new identity and a new brand.

The five principles of FloridaFAPA’s new strategic planning. There are workgroups for each, if you are interested in working with any of these groups, let us know!


Establish the direction of the organization, implement clear expectations for leaders and provide for accountability.


Ensure sufficient financial resources exist to fulfil the missions, goals and sustainability of the organization.


Build a clearinghouse of resources to support the needs of foster and adoptive families statewide.


Influence legislation that impacts our families and ensure that it is implemented appropriately


Develop and maintain strong partnerships within the child welfare community.