Quarterly Meeting in Daytona, FL

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Respectfully submitted for approval by FSFAPA Secretary Curtis Byrd

The general meeting was called to order at 1:28 pm by President Harriett Wynn

Secretary Curtis Byrd took Roll call.  All available Board Members and Advisors were there.

A motion was made by Orlando Avila to accept the minutes as corrected, seconded by Thomas Croom.  Motion passed


Open business

Harriett introduced Laura Diaz and Gay Frizzell.

Laura and Gay reviewed the QPI meeting.  The QIP meeting covered the topics of information sharing, normalcy/babysitting, transitions, and investigations, clarify existing law/policy.

On the topic of information sharing, the speakers stressed the critical need for full information sharing with foster parents, the necessity for clear definition on what documents are truly HIPAA protected, and that some information about birth parents should never be shared.  Specifically, substance abuse/mental health and domestic violence center records.

On the topic of normalcy/babysitting, the speakers stressed a need for clearness on emergency care and on-going babysitting requirements with background checks, etc.  They also discussed a need for common sense in terms of licensing requirements and chemicals storage for items like baby wipes, cleaning products, etc.  The speakers emphasized providing information to assist caregivers in careful parenting decision making.   They also stressed revisions to current rule about babysitting need to provide balance with structure but also flexibility.

On the topic of transitions, the speakers explained that the Children’s Legal Services (CLS) will continue to monitor and encourage connections between former and current caregivers critical to the child.

On the topic of investigations, the speakers believed that Practice across the state on foster parent referrals seemed to be working.  They pointed out that generally staffing on foster parent investigations are not occurring.  They also stressed that there is often a lack of clarity about removals of children when investigation underway and that information about F.A.S.T. needed to be shared across the state.

The presenters felt that generally existing policy is functioning but some clarifications are needed.  They recommend that Statewide QPI meetings occur every 3-6 months to ensure information is broadly shared and to surface issues as they arise.  They also stressed that results of this meeting will be posted on qpiflorida.com and shared with all partners. 

Harriett thanked everyone for coming.

 Motion to adjourn made by Thomas Croom and seconded by Stephen Rollo, the motion passed and the meeting was adjourned at 3:34 pm.