Meeting Facilitator: Harriett Wynn

Location: DCF Child Protection Summit, Orlando

Call to order – Harriett Wynn

A motion to approve the minutes from 6/11/2016 with changes if needed was proposed by Denise.  Seconded by Coleen, with no further discussion a vote was called.  Motion Carried

The attendees were given a detailed layout of the new RVP’s organizational chart. Chris reviewed the sheet and answered any questions.

Curtis reviewed voting requirements, and reminded attendees that only paid members are eligible to vote, and that they must have been paid members prior to the June conference.

Orlando educated the attendees on benefits and explained the working of FAST.

Update on upcoming events

  1. October Mini Conference update everyone was encouraged to attend.
  2. QPI National Conference Harriett informed attendees that Lynda would be representing the Association at this conference.

Adjournment:  A motion was made by Orlando to adjourn the meeting it was seconded. With no discussion a vote was called for. Motion Carried