Gov. Scott Declares Feb. 12-18 “Florida Foster Family Appreciation Week”


WHEREAS, foster families provide a unique opportunity to impact children’s lives by providing careĀ for children until they can be reunified with their families, or find a forever family; and

WHEREAS, children in foster care need and deserve a loving, supportive, nurturing, and quality

foster family; and

WHEREAS, approximately 5,272 foster families are currently licensed throughout the State ofĀ Florida; and

WHEREAS, the Governor’s Office of Adoption and Child Protection, Florida Department of ChildrenĀ and Families, community-based care lead agencies, Florida Foster and Adoptive ParentĀ Association, state and local agencies, and communities join together to raise awareness of the needĀ for quality foster families in Florida; and

WHEREAS, approximately 7,184 children in Florida live with foster families; and

WHEREAS, Florida Statutes designates the second week of February as Florida Foster FamilyĀ Appreciation Week, to recognize the enduring and invaluable contributions foster parents provideĀ to children in their care; and

WHEREAS, families and children across the great State of Florida will celebrate the impact thatĀ foster families have on children and families; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Scott, Governor of the State of Florida, do hereby extend greetings andĀ best wishes to all observing February 12-18, 2018, as Florida Foster Family Appreciation Week andĀ encourage all Floridians to consider opening their hearts and homes to children in this state whoĀ Florida Foster Family Appreciation Week proclamation are in need of a quality foster family.


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